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Live Speaking Engagements

Nikody is an experience presenter who breaks down the complexities of serverless into easily understandable concepts. While his specialty is talking serverless leadership and how to be a serverless change agent, he has a background in architecting award winning system and can dive into the details of compliance, best practices and more.


Training & Mentoring

Having trouble getting your head wrapped around the serverless space? Mentorship can change everything for leaders and employees who are developing serverless skill sets. Nikody provides your team with an experienced mentor who has years of experience dealing with a variety of challenges including compliance in the financial and medical industries.


Continuing Education

With the pace of services AWS is creating, Nikody dives into what it means for your company from an enterprise perspective. Understand the implications of the continual changing cloud environment as he dives into the latest approaches, services and concepts.

Previous Work

Previous Work


Mutual of Enumclaw (Nucleus)

Aug 2018 - 2020

Mutual of Enumclaw's policy processing system changed the game of customer service and product capabilities for the company.  The Nucleus system enabled real-time policy processing, and reduced maintenance and operation costs across the board.  This system has immediate recovery for large disasters within seconds, and enables business continuity no matter the crisis.


May 2018 - 2021

mytaptrack® enables school districts to support special education more effectively while reducing the cost and effort. This award winning system allows behaviors or medical conditions to be tracked at the moment they occur and helps schools communicate and coordinate care.  The mytaptrack® system is both HIPAA and FERPA compliant, ensuring the safety and security of the private data being tracked.

Coca-Cola Freestyle

March 2010 - 2012

Nikody Keating was the Architect for the user interface of one of the biggest breakthroughs in the soft drink industry.  Nikody played a crucial role in ensuring the user interface was architected for the continual improvement process, resulting in more capabilities at a lower cost of development.


Building impact is about combining vision, impact, bringing others along and proving the solution every step of the way.  Working on a variety of Version 1 products brings experience in how to deliver innovation and impact together.  Clients get the expertise that helped deliver the Coca-Cola Freestyle, the award winning education support system mytaptrack® and Mutual of Enumclaw's award winning serverless policy processing system.

Nikody Keating

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