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What server-less websites means for business

What if you could create a website or application where you didn’t need to worry about how many servers you had, or having qualified people to run them?  What if your web developer didn’t have to learn a new language or skill-set to do this?  What if the application you built could automatically scale as

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How to determine the value of work

  One of the biggest problems I run into when talking with software development teams is the ability to quantify system maintenance, features and bug fixes.  Typically the lack of understanding of these lead to decisions being made from the hip, rather than based on an understandable decision making process the team can understand.  Shooting

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Should you build it, reference it or buy it? Making software decisions

When starting a business, you often start with a vision of a product which you believe in.  But in order to make it work, you need to take your concept from the idea phase to the prototype/MVP phase as quickly as possible. For many, the reason for this is obvious, but for those hopeful newbies

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The business of connecting people

A new market opportunity is emerging related to how businesses can connect people to moments they might typically miss. This new market has been triggered by the consumer’s lack of desire to push aside competing interests that may or may not be more important, in order to engage. Technologies that utilize real-time engagement are seeking

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Information Convenience Technology, the current disruptive innovators

Over the past 5 years there’s been a steady change in how technology is used to simplify our lives.  While the trend of convenience is not new (most technology stays due to its convenience in practical lives), the modern trend is to use better and more real time information to generate a new level of convenience

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The 5 steps to planning a software startup

There are a lot of people out there with “BIG” ideas.  These ideas range from the practical to the absurd, with some of the practical and some of the absurd turning into successful businesses.  A problem I had early on in my plans to build a business was that I would approach is as great idea leads

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